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Newsmaker: Mohammed Merah (Read 454 times)
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Newsmaker: Mohammed Merah
« on: 28.03.2012 at 21:57 [UT+1] »
We have just received information quoted from Mohammed Merah's birth certificate, courtesy of Marc Brun:

  • Merah's two earlier attacks were on French soliders, mostly of North African descent, the same heritage as his. What in his chart indicates enmity towards such a specific target?
  • Merah's victims include three small children shot at close range. What in his chart reflects the desire and capacity for such brutality?
  • Merah had natal Venus trine Neptune and Jupiter trine Moon. How do these seemingly "helpful" aspects in his chart fit into the picture?
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    Re: Newsmaker: Mohammed Merah
    « Reply #1 - on: 30.03.2012 at 01:02 [UT+1] »
    Posted is Merah Mohammed current Solar Return which accounts for Precession. Note Saturn is partile conjunct his SR Ascendant tightly conjunct his Sun. Also note Solar Saturn is partile conjunct his Natal Mercury partile conjunct his Solar Ascendant. Mercury-Saturn is par-excellent symbolism for depressed (Saturn) thoughts (Mercury).
    Also posted is Merah Mohammed progressed Solar Return (Mean Quotidian Rate) to the date he was shot and killed. Quotidian Charts are daily charts and there is a striking secondary progressed (sp) Solar Moon symbolism with sp Solar Moon partile conjunct the Quotidian’s Ascendant in exact rotational square with Solar Pluto which is tightly conjunct the Quotidian MC. Also, sp Solar Moon receives a partile 120 from Solar Mars. SP Solar Moon also is partile 45 Neptune. Ebertin from COSI says about Moon-Pluto angular symbolism:
    A violent reaction to environment influences, the tendency to cause upsets in one’s environment through one’s own conduct—many upsets. A highly strained emotional life, one-sidedness, the inclination to remain and act alone and never in accord with other people.

    Many times we do not find the answer for events in the Natal Chart itself, but see the striking symbolism in return charts which account for precession.


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    Re: Newsmaker: Mohammed Merah
    « Reply #2 - on: 01.04.2012 at 11:45 [UT+1] »
    The struggle between old (Saturn) and new (Uranus) in his house of values (2nd) must have been a major issue in his life. With a Scorpio ascendant his primary motivation was a need for emotional security (Scorpio water) what he looked for in the home through his creativity and daily life (Mars ruler retrograde in 4th ruling 5th and 6th). That Mars (drive, motivation) although in rulership is under stress with the square to Neptune which could have made him unfocused, drained, weak and easily undermined.  But this could also mean that there are older, stronger brothers at home.  
    His 2nd (self-worth/values) and 4th houses (home/roots) are ruled by Jupiter (ruler of his NN in 4th as well) placed in the 7th and in detriment  looking  for something or someone to put on a pedestal (Jupiter 7th). The trine to a lovely Moon in Libra could have been a nice bond with a mother as an educating force. But the tragedy of a lot of those youngsters is that if they are raised within their own tradition in a more ‘modern’ country they are looked for as princes in the home, and when they set foot on the streets of a country where their tradition doesn’t count they are regarded as scum, trouble and mere migrants. This creates intense inner tension. His Pisces NN in the 4th signifies that the bonding to his family went deep, the SN in 10 conjunct Venus in fall showed he could succeed in building more 'alternative' relations or relations that are different in some way. Perhaps those first attacks were his rage that others succeeded what he couldn't or in his twisted mind THEY had failed.  
    He has both Sun and Venus in fall (Sun rules intercepted 9th of other cultures/religions/philosophies). Venus is his ability to socialize and network ruling the 7th of relations, the 11th of groups and friends and the 12th of fears or fear of losing once balance (Libra) and perhaps also pointing to an inadequacy to truly connect with others on a deep level. The lovely trine to Neptune in the 2nd adds rose-coloured glasses and idealism and a need to set clear honest boundaries . In worst case this could also signify a lack of integrety (Venus fall trine Neptune).
     His identity (Sun) is closely linked with his emotions (Moon)and thoughts (Mercury) and under stress by the internal fight between rational/irrational (square to Neptune) and a possibility of being subject to the emotional whim of others. All placed in the 11th signifying that ‘groups’ or friends were extremely important. Caught between two grounds this wasn’t a man that can look at things in a detached way and this isn’t a chart of an independent man either. Natal Pluto in the 12th and in the same sign as his ascendant describes again an intense emotional connection with his family and their psyche, with an immense hidden fear of losing control.
     Tr. Uranus on his Mars made his actions raw, extremely cruel and uncompromising also towards children  (Mars rules 5th and Uranus intercepted 3th) and those in authority places/uniforms trading old values for new (square to Saturn conjunct Uranus). Tr. Pluto on Neptune confronted him even more for some  time with issues of belief/religion adding fuel to the difficult square to his personal planets resulting in pure rage. The Firdaria (medieval technique I know) says he was in his Mercury/Saturn period. All things about tradition/authority/rules were occupying his thoughts (Saturn rules 3th conjuncts Uranus ruler of intercepted 3th and Mercury rules 10th). And his progressed Moon was in intercepted Leo in the 9th.
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