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Astro-Databank: Ashley Olsen (Read 111 times)
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Astro-Databank: Ashley Olsen
« on: 23.07.2004 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
Discussion about
Ashley Olsen, born 13 June 1986 at 09:43 AM in Van Nuys CA
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Twins are a perennial test case for astrology critics. How can people born two minutes apart be so different? In theory shouldn't twins have very similar personalities? Shouldn't similar events happen at the same time to each one? This week we'll explore the most wealthy and famous twins on the planet - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They're going to college next year and they own a billion dollar enterprise created from their own work.
  • How do you explain the phenomenon of twins having very different personalities and life events? How does the eating disorder show up in Mary-Kate's chart? How could the same astrological factor express itself in Ashley's life?
  • On their 18th birthday, they both took possession of their savings ($300 million each) and became full-fledged leaders of their production company, Dualstar. How is this influx of wealth written into their chart?
  • How do you read the Sun-Jupiter-Uranus T-square in their charts?
  • What do you see in their charts that is consistent with other child performers such as [was_link] Michael J. Fox[/was_link] and [was_link] Michael Jackson[/was_link]?
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re: Ashley Olsen
« Reply #1 - on: 30.07.2004 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User
Should that be + 7 for PDT
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