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Astro-Databank: Keanu Reeves (Read 839 times)
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Astro-Databank: Keanu Reeves
« on: 11.08.2003 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
Discussion about
Keanu Reeves, born 2 September 1964 at 05:41 AM in Beirut
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re: Keanu Reeves
« Reply #1 - on: 11.08.2003 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Christy
Hi Everyone! I am a big Keanu fan, and was wondering if anyone else has more accurate info on his birth time or has studied his chart closely and has their own preferred rectification? Please leave comment on this site and I'll check back frequently to see if there is a response. I work mainly with Vedic Astrology, but would appreciate any feedback from any tradition. Thank you!
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re: Keanu Reeves
« Reply #2 - on: 01.12.2003 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Christy
Hey all! Well, so far no one has responded! : ( Just wanted to add that I met Keanu in NYC before his Letterman appearance in late Oct. 2003 and asked the man himself if he knew what time he was born, and to my great disappointment he replied: "Um, I don't know." Sigh. Oh well. (P.S. he is even more beautiful in person, if that is possible! : ))
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Re: Astro-Databank: Keanu Reeves
« Reply #3 - on: 06.02.2012 at 00:26 [UT] »
I wonder why so little is said about this very enigmatic and charismatic person - a not too talented actor maybe, but a great super hero cast who made one of the greatest cult trilogies of our times come to life.
His chart seems really plain at first sight but when you add aspect lines to all and look at the fixed stars, then it really shines. He's got Algol on Jupiter! And a kite formation with a grand trine in water!
Take a look.
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