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Astro-Databank: Cardinal John O'Connor (Read 131 times)
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Astro-Databank: Cardinal John O'Connor
« on: 18.06.2000 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
Discussion about
Cardinal John O'Connor, born 15 January 1920 at 2:25 PM in Philadelphia PA
This discussion is imported from the  comment board on the  previous astrodatabank.com website.

What does it take to become a great bishop?
  • Strong religiosity - Cardinal O'Connor has rebellious Uranus in Aquarius in the 9th house of religion.  
  • Celibacy - His Mars is trine Uranus and square the Sun.  
  • Ordination - This is the most powerful time in the life of a bishop. Yet at the time of his ordination there were no aspects between the powerful outer planets and his personal planets or points, except Neptune opposing his Ascendant. What gives?
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re: Cardinal John O'Connor
« Reply #1 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Teresa Hamilton
 In the sidereal zodiac this chart doesn't work. The last degree of Taurus rises, and Venus is in Scorpio in the 7th with the Moon. A celibate prince of the church? No way. The tropical chart with Gemini rising is much better. I adjusted the time to five minutes later (2:30) to give a more plausible Sidereal chart with Gemini rising, similar to the Tropical chart. This adjusted chart fits very well, and has a navamsa that fills in the blanks left by the natal chart.  
The ascendant lord Mercury is in the ecclesiastical sign of Sidereal Sagittarius. It's in the lunar mansion (nakshatra) of Purva Ashada, which is often connected to religion as well as being singularly unfortunate for relationships. The Sun is in the 8th, a house I've noted is connected to organizations, schools, churches, hospitals, etc. (group affiliation)  
Jupiter rules both the 7th house of partnership and the 10th house. It's exalted in Cancer with Neptune, This describes both the possibility of celibacy (Neptune) and also the spiritual path that O'Connor chose in life. His exalted church position is also suggested by the opposition of the Sun to this conjunction.  
Venus, not Mars, indicates sexual tendencies and behavior. Celibacy is indicated by the close square of Saturn in the unfriendly sign of Leo (Sun is an enemy to Saturn) to Venus. In the navamsa chart Mars rules the 7th and is in the 1st aspecting its own house and squaring Venus. In this case Mars causes a destructive yoga (opposition to the 7th) for marriage. Mars square Venus in the navamsa, however, gives a normal sex drive, as does natal Venus in Scorpio.  
O'Connor reached a very high position in the church. The navamsa supports the natal exalted Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Libra is the navamsa ascendant, and the Moon is in its own sign of Cancer in 10th. This Moon receives the close opposition of the religious Sun and Jupiter. (Al Gore has this same type of navamsa setup: Moon in Cancer in 10th opposed by two planets that form a raja yoga in the navamsa chart.)  
In Jyotish, the 9th is said to represent the father. O'Connor's father was an Irish immigrant, which meant that he could have been virtually an outcast in the early years. Uranus in the 9th might indicate the social position of his parents. (Jupiter as a planet represents the church.)  
O'Connor became a cardinal on May 25, 1985. This would be shown by the solar and lunar return charts for that date. Transit-wise retrograde Saturn was conjunct Rahu (Moon's N. Node) in the 5th (which represents honors) in Jupiter's mansion (lord of 10th). Also, Uranus was exactly trine Jupiter, which means a conjunction in the navamsa chart. In 1985 O'Connor was in the Sun's progressed period (Dasa), and on May 15 he entered Rahu's sub-period (Krishnamurti ayanamsa). When a person rises to a very high public position, the shadowy nodes are almost always (maybe *always*) prominent in some way, which suggests that predestination and fate have the final say. (Look carefully at those presidential charts.)
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re: Cardinal John O'Connor
« Reply #2 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Pat
have you considered the transits of chiron, Magi Astrology techniques, in 1984, chiron trined his Sun, sextiled his moon and in 1985, Transiting chiron sextiled his personal chiron in aries, interesting?
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re: Cardinal John O'Connor
« Reply #3 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Kevin Bold (Founder :Sidereal_Astrology-subscribe@egroups.com)
1. Strong religiosity - Cardinal O'Connor has rebellious Uranus in Aquarius in the 9th house of religion.  
a) Maybe in the equal house system, but where the Midheaven is the tenth house cusp, the late Cardinal's Uranus is in the Tenth House. (Of course, this also assumes that traditional house delineation is true, too.)  
b) Uranus is very angular in this chart - conjuncting the MC, and five semi-octiles away from the Ascendant. It's also just 2m31s away from the Sun/Moon midpoint, but that's a little bit wide even for me.  
c) But Uranus is the novelty, freedom, upheaval, I'm gonna register Libertarian planet. If it were in "the house of religion," wouldn't O'Connor have been more of a religious maverick than he was? (And he doesn't seem to have been much of one, does he?)  
In view of his highly orthodox Catholicism, a strong Uranus seems unusual here. Unless one considers that the orthodox person is the real "maverick" in an age of moral relativism, where subjectivism and "spirituality" are often confused, as they are in our time. This would resolve the tension a strong Uranus creates with the Venus-Saturn square (more on that below)  
Angular Uranus also gives one a need for an audience. It needn't be in the theater or concert hall. For some people, a big enough congregation will do just fine  
I would like to point out here that O'Connor's Sun sits on his Neptune/Pluto midpoint. That may have more to do with his religiosity than his angular Uranus.  
2.Celibacy - His Mars is trine Uranus and square the Sun.  
Why Mars and Uranus? When these two planets get together, be prepared for a food or pillow fight, or, at least, an opinionated person with a weird sense of humor.  
Instead, for understanding celibacy, I suggest looking at how O'Connor's Venus/Black Moon Lillith conjunction squares his Saturn. The Great Restrictor sits on their midpoint. This would not be the first time I've seen these three working together in a person who could handle, or at least wound up living, the "monastic" lifestyle. (But, as they used to say when I was an undergrad, "Further study is warranted here.")  
3.Ordination - This is the most powerful time in the life of a bishop. Yet at the time of his ordination there were no aspects between the powerful outer planets and his personal planets or points, except Neptune opposing his Ascendant. What gives?  
This will depend on whether or not you correct for precession, and what techniques you use to determine what's powerful when.  
In his 1945 Sidereal Solar Return (15 Jan 45, 12:15:11AM EST, Philadelphia, PA), the Sun conjuncts the IC, putting it in the foreground, meaning this will be an important year. The SSR Lunar Nodes are also in the foreground, indicating the conferrence of tremendous responsibility. Natal Mars lies just below the SSR Ascendant, a fitting place for it in the chart for the year in which O'Connor became a more visible "soldier" for his God. Also in the foreground: SSR Pluto in a tight approaching conjunction with Natal Neptune.  
The Sidereal Solar Quotidian for O'Connor on 12/15/1945 was at 12:12:06AM EST. Using Philadelphia as the location, we find the Sun roughly four degrees from the IC, which is where it was in the SSR. The Lunar Nodes are also about four degrees away from the MC-IC axis, but on the other side from the Sun. This is a day of great visibility and great responsibility. Transiting Pluto has since passed Natal Neptune, but they are still in conjunction, and they both semi-square the SQ Midheaven. Since the SQ angles form a Grand Cross, this puts the pair on the SQ's ASC/MC midpoint.
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re: Cardinal John O'Connor
« Reply #4 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Anthony Louis
1. Religiosity: The Cardinal has an Aquarius 9th house cusp. The ruler of the 9th of religion is Uranus which is powerful in its home sign Aquarius and is conjunct the Midheaven, which signifies his career. There is a grand trine involving Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aquarius, and the Ascendant in Gemini. His energy (Mars) and creativity (in the 5th house) blend harmoniously (trine) with his personality (Ascendant) and flows naturally (trine) into career matters (Uranus in the 10th) related to religion (Uranus ruling the 9th). Cardinals are also princes of the Church, consistent with Sun in ambitions and status-conscious Capricorn and Pluto (power) in the first house.  
2. Celibacy. Perhaps Sun in Capricorn (ruled by abstemious Saturn) in the 8th house of sex indicates his celibacy. The Sun (his vitality and libido) is sesquiquadrate (135 degrees, a stressful aspect) to inhibitory Saturn, ruler of the 8th of sex. He is likely to be serious, responsible, conservative, and perhaps inhibited in sexual matters.  
3. He was ordained to the priesthood on 12/15/1945, Philadelphia, PA. On that date his secondary progressed MC is sextile his natal Sun and trine his natal Moon, two very favorable aspects. Also, in his tropical non-precessed Solar Return for Philadelphia for 1945, Jupiter (religiosity, honors, preferment) conjoins the IC within one degree and is thus in high focus conjunct an angle. Solar Return Jupiter also trines his natal Sun in the 1945 chart. A prominent Jupiter trine the natal Sun is certainly consistent with elevation to the priesthood.
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re: Cardinal John O'Connor
« Reply #5 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Bettina Woolard
Vedic again. Cardinal O'Connor had Sun in Capricorn in the 9th sign from the asc. That's religion. The dispositor of the Sun is also the ruler of the 9th and 10th, making it a yogakaraka (very auspicious planet) of the first order. It's in the 4th, an angular house. That's an excellent yoga for fame and success. Sun and Saturn are in mutual reception, so we keep going back to 9th house focus. An exalted Jupiter aspects the 9th from the 3rd. In the navamsa Jupiter trines the 9th. Also in the navamsa there's a stellium of Ketu, Venus (ruler of navamsa 9th), Sun, and Jupiter in Capricorn, so it crosses over to the natal 9th. So, we see an undeniably powerful 9th house emphasis.  
Celibacy is a little less clear, but here goes. The 7th house ruler is in the 6th, which is the 12th house (loss) from the 7th, and the ruler of the 6th (again ... 12th from 7th) is in the 7th. Venus, the planet of marriage and sexual union, and particularly in a man's chart, of relationships with women, is involved in a close angular square with Saturn. Mercury, an asexual planet, is in the 8th, perhaps neutralizing sexual energy, and Jupiter, ruler of the 8th, is cnj. Neptune, the planet of transcendence and sublimation. Another point about the tenanted 7th, I think that priests and other religious professionals consider their relationship with God, Christ, or Church to be a mystical partnership comparable to marriage or any other close relationship. In the navamsa, Saturn and Mercury are on the asc. in Virgo, the sign symbolizing purity, celibacy. Saturn is also the planet of renunciation, and saturn and Mercury are both considered to be asexual.  
It makes sense that Neptune would have opposed the asc. at the time of his ordination, since this would beautifully symbolize the mystical (Neptune) marriage (7th house).
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re: Cardinal John O'Connor
« Reply #6 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Eve de Alberich
Below is John Cardinal O'Connor's chart analysis with Uranian Astrology:  
Unless mentioned otherwise, all NATAL analysis is done using:
  • the 16th Harmonic chart + 22:30 degree dial.
  • orb < 5 minutes of arc.
  • Birth Time adjusted to 2:27pm
  • Calculations by Astrolog 5.30.
  • Interpretations from "Rules For Planetary Pictures - The Astrology of Tomorrow - Witte-Lefldt".
1. Strong religiosity  
Jupiter = Neptune/Pluto (COSI: religiousness)  Mc ("I am"...) = Kronos/Poseidon (...a Religious authority. The man near God)  
Aries Point (connected to the world) = Mc/Asc (through one's vocation, resources and motivation) = Jupiter (law, religion - 4th harmonic - orb = 30 minutes of arc) =  = Mercury (Thinking, writing) = Poseidon (Religious, spiritual) = Kronos (Authority, expert).  
=Venus+Poseidon-Sun (The believing or faithful man. The priest or preacher. Representative of a religion, of a faith or a philisophy)  
=Sun/Node (Connected with the public) =Mc/Saturn (a serious personality taking over a duty and obligations.) =Pluto/Apollon (setting precedence. making many changes. From a small start to great importance) =Moon/Poseidon (Spiritualized man. Media)  =Mc/Cupido (community minded) =Neptune/Vulcanus (living through a great disappointment with the general world) =Mars/Apollon (successful activity) =Vulcanus/Poseidon (sense of honor. Proud. Dignified. Having mental, spiritual or religious influence on others) =Cupido/Hades (egoist or individualist) =Asc/Admetos (prominent and has an exceptional position) =Saturn/Apollon (Pedantic. Methodical. teacher. Proceeding systematically)  =Jupiter/Hades (old-fashioned mentality) =Node+Poseidon-Admetos (in spiritual or religious community with a few) =Sun+Node-Kronos (assocaited with officials, superiors and capable people) =Hades+Poseidon-Asc (Living in the spirit of the past, in mental and spiritual isolation) =Cupido+Poseidon-Apollon (The spreading od a religious cult. Gathering of people of the same faith) =Cupido+Cupido-Poseidon (To congregate with people of the same faith and outlook on life). =Apollon+Admetos-Poseidon (TO feel safe at home through religion and outlook on life) =Mars+Poseidon-Hades (Old fashioned value system, ethics and morality) =Admetos+Poseidon-Cupido (Alone in one's educational ideas).  
Military Career:  
Aries Point = Asc/Mc = Sun/Mars (The soldier) =Cupido/Zeus (Comrade in arms) =Uranus/Zeus (Sudden outbreak of war. Discharge of firearms) =Asc/Zeus (military surroundings) =Asc/Hades (coming into contact with disagreeable things) =Uranus/Hades (war atrocities)  =Neptune/Vulcanus (living through a great disappointment with the general world) = Zeus+Vulcanus-Node (associated with the military) = Mars+Zeus-Kronos (Military official or authority. Winner of a miltiary prize) =Neptune+Hades-Asc (Surrounded by the ocean. Commiting oneself to great danger. )  
-  2. Celibacy  
Saturn = Venus/Mars (inhibitions in love life)= Sun/Venus (difficulties in the relationship with the other sex. Inner inhibitions and repressions).= Node/Jupiter (The desire for solitude or seculsion. Difficulties with engagement or marriage.)  Mc = Jupiter/Saturn (The desire for solitude. Love of seculsion and loneliness)  Moon = Asc/Saturn (Separated from females)  
Aries Point = Cupido/Admetos (Hermitage, Monkhood, monastery) =Venus/Hades (voluntary sterility) =Jupiter/Admetos (rest and Seculsion) =Sun/Saturn (Old, serious man. Personal and physical hindrances) =Moon/Neptune (a virgin) =Venus+Neptune-Sun (timid in love. indifferent in love) =Venus+Cupido-Saturn (separated from marital happiness). =Venus+Saturn-Moon (Forsaken woman. Making a woman feel sad).  
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------  3.Ordination - This is the most powerful time in the life of a bishop. Yet at the time of his ordination (TO BISHOP, not to priesthood) there were no aspects between the powerful outer planets and his personal planets or points, except Neptune opposing his Ascendant What gives?  
** A. He was ordained to the priesthood on 12/15/1945, Philadelphia, PA.  
Transit Sun on natal Desc, Sextile natal Mars. Transit Saturn (resposibility) is Opposite natal Sun and square natal Mars. Transit Jupiter is cnj. natal Mars, Square natal Sun, and trine natal Asc.Transit Venus (in 6th, ruler of 12th) about to return to its natal position, while tr Uranus is opposite natal Venus and sextile natal Jupiter from the 12th. tr North Node is trine natal Uranus (ruler of Mc, in the 10th).
[continued in next posting]
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re: Cardinal John O'Connor
« Reply #7 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
[continued from posting above:] by Eve de Alberich
Tr Jupiter and North Node make tight hard aspects to the Aries Point, activating the planetary pictures that are equal its axis.  
Much more significant and telling is the secondary progressed chart for this date:  
Pr Venus is smack on pr Desc. Pr Poseidon (TNP that has to do with religion and spirituality) is smack on pr IC. This gives:  Mc/Asc (vocation, resource and motivation) = Venus/Poseidon (Priest, preacher).  
In Uranian astrology Venus/Poseidon is the formula for "Priesthood. Inclinations for mental or spiritual things, Faith, Religion..."  
Mc/Asc=Venus/Poseidon also indicates "Acquaintance with priets, peachers etc.."  
Pr Cupido exactly cnj. pr Jupiter cnj. tr Pluto (Begining and development of pleasant or successful conections with the community.)  
Pr Uranus exactly sextile pr Kronos (Authority apearing suddenly. Impetuous rise. Getting excited through ordinance of the authorities).  
Pr Sun square Pr. Node, almost exactly (Connections with the public).  
** B. He retired from the military on 6/01/1979, at which time he was ordained a bishop for the armed forces of the United States by Pope John Paul II.  
Most significant transits :  Transit Kronos (Authority, official) exactly opposite natal Venus in the 6th, ruler of 12th). Venus/Kronos reads as "Receive benefits and benevolence from superiors. Popular authority. Favored by the authorities".  Transit Poseidon (religion and spirituality) exactly cnj. natal Mars (military?), ruler of 11th and 6th (the military service). Mars/Poseidon combination also reads as "Religious activity. Morality, ethics".  
Again, the secondary progressed chart is even more telling:  Pr Kronos (authority, official) is exactly conjunct Pr Mc ("ego consiousness").  Pr Cupido (community) is exactly conj. Pr Asc (surroundings, home)  This gives pr Mc/Asc (Vocation, resources, motivation) = Kronos/Cupido (Head of community)  Pr Jupiter exacly cnj. Pr Neptune square Pr Mars.  tr. Saturn cnj. Pr Saturn.  tr Venus = tr Uranus = Pr Node = Pr Mercury = Pr Admetos.  
Aries Point = Pr Sun/Pluto (Striving for power. Establishing one's position as a leader.)= Pr Jupiter/Poseidon (General Law, Wisdom, Justice) = Pr Zeus/apollon (Big army. Leader to many. Practical experience. Problems demanding a solution) = pr Node/Cupido (Founding of association. Connected to a community)  
** C. on 3/19/1984, he was made Bishop of New York.  
Tr Uranus cnj. natal Venus.  Tr Saturn square natal Jupiter.  Natal Saturn trine Tr Jupiter cnj. natal Mercury Opp Tr Vulcanus square tr. Mercury.  Tr Pluto opp. natal Kronos in the 11th - trine Tr Neptune - trine natal Apollon -Square tr Hades (all very tight).  Pr. Asc cnj. natal Jupiter exactly.  Tr Sun exactly cnj. Pr Sun  Tr Saturn square Pr. Asc.  Tr Venus opp. Pr Saturn  
** D. He was created a Cardinal in 5/25/1985, receiving the red biretta and title of Ss. Giovanni e Paolo.  
Pr. Sun is smack on the Aries Point.  exact Pr Venus/Uranus conjunction square Tr Sun.  Tr Jupiter opposite pr Asc trine tr Uranus.  --------------------------------------------  
Lea Breuer [was_link]mailto:barlea@netvision.net.il[/was_link] <hr>  
Having been gay for all my 73 years I find it hard to revere a man who shuts those of us who are different I feel that Pluto in Sagittarius will someday change religious dogma to a more liberal pattern.  
William C. Autrey [was_link]mailto:askmrbill@earthlink.net[/was_link] <hr>  
INPUT: Here is a bit more data on Cardinal O'Connor:
  • The most influential catholic in the US for the past 16 years. Known as the Pope's "man in America".
  • Took New York City to court and won, against gay right to marriage.
  • One of his favorite memories of things to do was going to Chinatown and having Peking Duck with his friend, New York City's Mayor Koch. Former Mayor Ed Koch wrote a book called His Eminence and His Honor about their discussions and debates regarding issues of the day. When the Jewish mayor attended midnight mass, Cardinal O' Connor would quip, "now that the Mayor is here, we can begin mass!"
  • A diplomatic nature that stuck behind his principles, but also known as "a regular guy". Could put himself in another person's shoes. He slept little, only 3-4 hours a night and had insomnia. He would read voraciously, more so when he couldn't sleep. He read a lot of history, as well as the teachings and doctrines of Judaism. He was a diplomat between religions, peoples, cities and countries.
    [continued in next posting]
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re: Cardinal John O'Connor
« Reply #8 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
[continued from posting above:] by Eve de Alberich
  • Was the oldest active bishop at his death and wanted to be remembered only as "a good priest". A deep believer in his faith, he was frank and known internationally as well as respected internationally. Alleged that the Pope said: "I want a man like me in New York".
  • Unprecedented, except in the case of Mother Teresa, the Pope sent his Secretary of State, (equivalent to a Prime Minister) Cardinal Soldano, as his representative for the funeral.
  • He was a Rear Admiral in the Navy as well as an Archbishop. He went out of his way to make others feel equal to himself. He would often act as his own butler, answering a knock on the door personally. In an elevator he would turn and speak to those around him. He wanted to be married and have children, was interested in the military, but felt the Church to be his strongest call, joining the family of man instead of having only a personal family. He reached across many boundaries, was considered to be of great character, to be very good company, and gained the respect of people of many disciplines.
  • He held a Master's degree in clinical psychology, a Ph.D. in Political Science. Jeanne Kirkpatrick (former US ambassador to the United Nations under Ronald Reagan) taught him Political Science at Georgetown University when he came back from Vietnam for R&R. During the Vietnam war, he was stationed behind the lines. As a student, Kirkpatrick called him brilliant.
  • He attended public school until age 13. Entered the Seminary at age 16. Dec. 15, 1945: Ordained as a catholic priest. Initially worked with mentally handicapped children prior to the Korean War. 1952-1979: Served as chaplain in the US Navy at Annapolis Chapel and later for all of the Academy of Annapolis. He was the first Catholic priest to be named Senior Chaplain at the US Naval Academy. 1962: Awarded the "Legion of Merit with Gold Star" for his Vietnam service. 1968: Given the "4 Chaplain's Award" for work with all religions. 1975: The Vatican ordained him a Bishop and he became the Navy chief of chaplains with the rank of Rear Admiral. 1979: Moved to the New York Archdiocese. Was ordained a bishop for the US Armed Services by Pope John Paul II. 1983: Named Archbishop of Scranton, PA. He also helped draft the 1983 Pastoral Letter for the American Bishops Organization titled: "The Challenge of Peace". 1984: The Pope named him the 8th Archbishop of New York only 7 months after his becoming the Bishop of Scranton, PA, due to the death of Cardinal Terence Cooke. He also played a part in the 1984 Presidential election when he corrected Rep. Geraldine Ferraro (running for VP) when she suggested there was more than one interpretation regarding the church/biblical doctrines related to abortion. His point was to ask, "how can you be a good Catholic and be pro-choice?". This fueled quite a controversy at the time as his comments also included NY Governor Mario Cuomo who was also a pro-choice Catholic. 1985: Named a Cardinal by the Vatican.
  • His sermons were broadcast over a NYC radio station and he had a weekly column in the newspapers as well as hosting a Sunday morning TV program.
  • Was said to have influenced the Pope through Cardinal Blemp to urge the Pope to reestablish full relations between Israel and the Vatican. He also involved himself with the troubles in Ireland. He was very concerned with the Navy and issues of military strength. Jeanne Kirkpatrick said he mastered two of the world's greatest bureaucracies, the Catholic Church and the US Navy.
  • He threw a gay group out of a church in Greenwich village when they protested his stance on gay rights to marriage, but would then go to personally empty the bedpans of dying aids patients at St. Claire's Hospital. Cardinal O' Connor said that when aids and abortion activists disrupted mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral, on Dec. 10th, 1989, it was one of the few times he felt to be a low point in his career ... normally he said he relished such challenges.
  • 1990: He issued an excommunication warning to Catholic abortion rights supporters.
  • 1991: Established the "Sisters of Life", a religious congregation of women.
  • He helped the archdiocese weather several sex scandals involving priests in the early 1990s.
  • When he first came to NY, he left that summer to go to Puerto Rico to learn Spanish due to the Large Hispanic population in NY. He considered his 10:15 AM Sunday Mass to be the high point of his week and would spend up to 8 hours researching and writing his homilies. He supported the plight of persecuted Soviet Jews and sent a letter to Jewish leaders apologizing for the Church's actions during the Holocaust.
    [continued in next posting]
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    re: Cardinal John O'Connor
    « Reply #9 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
    [continued from posting above:] by Eve de Alberich
  • February 2000: The US House of Representatives voted almost unanimously to bestow upon him the Congressional Gold Medal.
  • April 2000: He was said to be the influence that led to the present Pope making his trip to Israel in April 2000.
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    re: Cardinal John O'Connor
    « Reply #10 - on: 31.12.2000 at 12:30 [UT] »
    reply by Astrodatabank Web User Southern Cross
    While faith, values, and ecclesiastical honors clearly relate to Jupiter (ninth house), religion per se relates to Neptune and charity (I Corinthians,13). Etymologically, "religion" means bringing together again or "re-leagueing" with cosmic consciousness, as the raindrop returns to the sea. John Cardinal O'Connor had strong Capricorn ambition, and his religiosity was exercised within structured hierarchies. Tenth-house co-ruler Neptune led him to a career as Navy/ Marine chaplain, and Jupiter (great) conjunct Neptune (religious) in Leo (leader) explains his fame. The Pope and Reverend Moon (born on Jan. 6, 1920) share this same conjunction.  
    Celibacy relates to his eighth-house ruler Saturn (square Venus) in chaste Virgo limiting and diminishing sexuality. He himself said that it was not a heavy yoke which restricts or binds (Saturn-Mercury trine). Becoming a priest on Dec. 15, 1945 was to decide for chastity. Saturn retrograde at 23*Cancer was less than one degree opposite the natal eighth-house Sun, and inconjunct the Sun transiting the seventh-house cusp. Seventh-house ruler Jupiter at 22*Libra closely applied to natal Mars in the fifth, and was in sextile with the Sun at 23*Sag. This indicates he probably felt fine about his long-term trade-off of romance and marriage for the prestige and influence of the cloth.  
    When he became Archbishop of New York on March 19, 1984, powerful outer Uranus exactly conjuncted personal sixth-house Venus. The Cardinal thus spoke out openly on values, as his natal Uranus ruled the ninth and the MC. Regarding his ordination as Bishop, what gives (as Pat suggested) is Chiron. On June 1, 1979, together with ruler Mercury(11*Cap) and Saturn(11*Virgo), Mars and Chiron at 11*Taurus formed an exact Grand Trine (activated again by the Moon at 11*Taurus when he passed away). In addition, this Mars/Chiron transit occurred during a pre-natal progression of the Ascendant over Chiron at 3*Aries.  
    Digressing a bit on Chiron, by no mere coincidence the New York Archdiocese link shows the Cardinal Archbishop's emblem was the "Chi-Rho" on a sea motif, reflecting his rank and authority (tenth-house principles). The "Chi-Rho" (the first two Greek letters for Christ) was the early Christian symbol for Jesus, and is roughly similar to our symbol for Chiron. The two share another important element in common - the personality of Jesus. Based on the research of the Austrian astronomer Konradin Ferrari D´Occhieppo, Edwin Surbeck has estimated that Jesus was born at 8:10 PM on Jan. 17, 7 B.C. We have rectified this chart to 8:52 PM, but in any case Virgo rises. After his ritual purification by John the Baptist, Jesus was a great healer, who humbly served the simple people until his wounded hands were nailed to the Cross, after which he ascended into heaven. For those who don't follow our dry calculations, the similarities with the Chiron archetype are valid intuitive evidence that Chiron rules Virgo.  
    In 312, Roman Emperor Constantine dreamed "In Hoc Signo Vinces", and raised the Chi-Rho on his battle flag (labarum) at the Milvan Bridge. In gratitude for victory, his edict of Milan assured toleration of Christianity, and paved its way to becoming the Empire's official religion. John O'Connor was US Armed Forces chaplain and bishop, and then Archbishop of New York. This is as close to official religion as an American prelate can get. Chiron co-rules his fourth house, indicating he used humility and chastity to pioneer a novel career (Chiron and Uranus in the tenth). Chiron is the only planet in his chart not receiving a sextile or trine. Squared by Pluto, Chiron was compelled to perform service. The progressed MC hit 3*Aries in l952, and as already noted the pre-natal Ascendant passed back over the same degree in l979. This exactly matches his 27-year military career!!! As the Chi-Rho worked for Constantine, Chiron is working for us as we unfurl the banners of celestial geometry to conquer the bridge between the ancient art and future science of astrology. If James Randi were honest, we would take him on after analyzing this chart.
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