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Astro-Databank: Paul Newman (Read 1098 times)
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Astro-Databank: Paul Newman
« on: 15.08.2007 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
Discussion about
Paul Newman, born 26 January 1925 at 06:30 AM in Cleveland OH
This discussion is imported from the  comment board on the  previous astrodatabank.com website.

With his sharp good looks, beautiful blue eyes, and many talents, actor Paul Newman versatility is not limited to films. In addition to acting in, directing, and producing films, he's an activist, a businessman and a race-car driver. When asked about why he races cars in addition to his other work, he replied, "I may joke about it, but I guess we all try to push the envelope as much as we can." Despite his retirement from acting, he remains one of our most admired American icons, a film star who has lived and worked on his own terms, achieved great success in a multitude of endeavors and spent much of his life and wealth "in pursuit of the common good."
  • In 2008, Newman and his second wife, actress Joanne Woodward, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. As with most long-married couples, their marriage has weathered some turbulence. What in his chart describes her and the nature and durability of their relationship?
  • Where in his chart is the versatile and talented actor?  What astrological factors indicate his desire to "push the envelope"? Where is the successful businessman?  The generous philanthropist who leads by example? The love for fast cars? The self-deprecation with which he talks about his success?
  • Some of his best movie roles have been of the loner, the wise-cracking tough guy, the maverick, the outsider. Most are serious and intense roles, but he exudes with ease a certain twinkle-in-the-eye mischievous lovability in roles like Butch Cassidy or Henry Gondorff in "The Sting." Where do you see these various types of characters in his chart?
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re: Paul Newman
« Reply #1 - on: 05.10.2008 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Claire-France Perez
It's valuable to note that Pluto has special vision, one which allowed him a sort of "x-ray eye." Newman was well-known for his baby blues which most people felt "could see right through me."
It is not only that the man actually had the talent, but that others ascribed it to his appearance. This reaction to his intent gaze is well-described by the opposition of Pluto to Venus/Mercury and Jupiter, and on the angles. We say that the angles are also about the body itself, and the appearance. With Pluto there would be a reaction from the depth of one's soul, which the actor used with great effect.
Also, the Lot of Fortune is ruled by Sagittarius. This Jupiter-ruled fortune shows its ruler on the angle! Right there is a first rule from Vettius Valen's work on The Part of Fortune, "if the ruler of Fortune finds itself on the angle," it is a harbinger of fortune itself.
Jupiter also rules the Moon in Pisces, in an applying sextile to the natal Jupiter, and thus in an "increasing" of its connection to what is "common," as given by the moon. Common applies to that which touches all, and in his case, the many high-quality products which touched many households, both in the enjoyment of it, and in the receiving of its many blessings.
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Re: Astro-Databank: Paul Newman
« Reply #2 - on: 27.03.2009 at 04:12 [UT] »
Another wonderful example of a truly altruistic human being, Paul Newman with Jupiter in the 12th house.
His Pluto near the D/C within one degree, I see as the loss of his son Scott years ago, from a drug overdose  which propelled his Jupiter into action and he never looked back.,raising hundreds of millions of dollars from his own ventures, (foods, popcorn, salad dressings, cookies, etc.), all donated to his charities.
He will be sorely missed as will many Jupiter in the 12th people in this world'
Although very different people, both his Chiron in Aries  and her Moon Aquarius  Sextile each other, and therefore as the Magi Astrologers would tell you, it's indicative of a long long lasting and very beneficial to each other marriage.
In this case they managed almost 50 years before he died. They indeed "healed" each other in unseen ways.
Although one bio says they had 2 daughters, his says they had 3 daughters......I think they had 3 girls, and he had the son & 2 other daughters with his first wife.
It's nice to see the chart of someone who gave so much of his life back to the society he came from
to help others with his fame and fortune.
RIP Paul Newman.
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Stephen Baxter

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Re: Astro-Databank: Paul Newman
« Reply #3 - on: 11.06.2009 at 02:06 [UT+1] »
I should probably recuse myself in the  case of Paul Newman  since I am a big fan of both his movie persona and his private persona.  It is challenging because Newman is more private than normal.
Perhaps too carelessly I take on faith that this man was near saintliness and blamelessness with the added dimension of professional excellence and marital longevity.  I will study him for years partially because of pure awe.  I cannot think of someone I would more like to emulate, even compared to Abe Lincoln, and I am a big fan of the former president.  I wish I knew, but I suspect that his private life was richer than his golden public life.
Planets on the angles are where I usually start, and here we have plenty.  There are three on the Ascendant, so I will start there.  TheJupiter/Mercury/Venus stellium describes a witty, wheeler-dealer who was blessed with positive thinking and asthetic sensibilities.  He quipped his way through life to the delight of all.  The opposition to this from Pluto shows a shrewd political and literary figure with a profane streak.  This man was highly intelligent.  In my experience, Mercury/Jupiter aspects are the most reliably and consistently helpful.  On the Ascendant, therefore, they are a good sign.
This shows great versatility.  He is part scholar, business magnate, and artist.  He is sensible, yet he is positive with a wealth of ideas.  I think we will hear for years to come tales and fables about the delightfully shrewd way he navigated his destiny.
Saturn on the MC is involved in a trine with angular Pluto and it is point focus of very important T-square involving Sun.  SunsquareSaturn is strengthened by its participation in a T-square which is itself strengthened by the proximity of Saturn to the Sun/Neptune midpoint.  He was famous for strictly guarding his privacy, and SunsquareSaturn is the key.
Now we see both a PlutotrineSaturn and PlutooppositionJupiter.  Martin Seymour-Smith says of both aspects, that the native may be either very good or very bad.  For Pluto/Saturn, MSS says "criminal/saint".  Newman is deep.  He makes hard work look easy.
The T-square SunsquareSaturnsquareNeptune is full of  "introspective suffering".  Newman is guilt-ridden.  With SaturnconjunctMC square Sun, his role as Dad was the source of guilt.
In my opionion, Mercury/Neptune and Mars/Neptune are classic aspects for actors, and here we find MarstrineNeptune.  
In any chart, there are a great many midpoints and usually many midpoint pictures.  Those containing SunMoonMCAsc are the most important.  Naturally, any pictures with both SunMoon are inclined to dominate the chart.  If one of the three is also angular, then focus is fixed.  Newman has Moon/Jupiter=Sun one of the most fortunate, successful and popular of all planetary pictures (Jupiter is angular).  He has empathy to match his confidence, and he is bouyant even during the bad times.
We have gone far without considering any house or sign indications.  MoonPisces  prepares him for show business and a life of compassion.  It indicates his mystical wife.  He probably inherited his compassionate nature.  Picses is one highly idealistic sign, Aquarius is the other.  Newman has SunAquarius.  Saturn in Scorpio on the MC square Neptune in Leo suggests the death of his son.  The Capricorn of his ascendant is somewhat overridden by the angular stellium.  To his witty quips, we might find a drollness and practical orientation.
Oh, I forgot.  Clearly Newman was  Mars/Jupiter type of person; I would have guessed as much if I had never seen his chart.  He is a classic example of this kind of energy.  Mars/Jupiter=Moon.  He is irascible yet lovable.  Adventures and crusades are second nature to him.  He is a monument to sincerity.
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Re: Astro-Databank: Paul Newman
« Reply #4 - on: 11.06.2009 at 05:58 [UT+1] »
The late Paul Newman had a kite formation, pointing to his Asc conjunct Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus.  Quite a combo.  Good looks, good talking, and good looking.  I didn't see all of his films, but speaking of the sample I did see, I thought that Paul Newman always played himself.  Regardless of the part: unlike, say, Richard Drefuss, Robin Williams, or Meryl Streep (who cultivated new accents for different roles); but also much like Cary Grant or Robert Redford.)  With so much focus on his Asc, I think acting for Paul Newman was a projection of his being-in-the-world.  With that strong square from Mars in Aries giving him that edginess.
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Re: Astro-Databank: Paul Newman
« Reply #5 - on: 29.11.2009 at 22:53 [UT] »
Paul Newman,
has ascendant lord saturn in the passionate scorpio in the 10th house of career acting from a deep, while the ascendant capricorn is aspected by own saturn thus cancelling the debilation of jupiter in capricorn enabling him to rise into eminence like the sea-goat climbing the hill slowly, steadily but surely. venus representing the arts and refinement as the lord of the 9th house of fortune is in the ascedant moreover granting him possibly a charming personality.
sun in the 2nd house could have given him slow but majestic speech with emotional punches of lord saturn in scorpio - acquarius makes one a reformist and innovative while the moon too is in acquarius in the 3rd house of initiative and enterprise.
mercury in the first house could have granted him business skills while mercury-venus combination gives pleasing oratory/acting skills and sense of humour as well as ability to attract money.
jupiter in the 12th house capricorn is good for spiritual development triggered by loneliness inside while lord saturn too is in hidden scorpio an occult sign.
mars in the 4th aries makes him aggressive while driving cars while uranus in the 3rd gives added dynamism in the process while venus in the first house could have given him love for cars with mercury giving love for speed and multiples.
hope the above hints would be of interest,
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Re: Astro-Databank: Paul Newman
« Reply #6 - on: 23.02.2011 at 19:41 [UT] »
I read a quote according to which, Paul Newman 'had such beautiful looks that were wasted on a boy.'
That seems apt in view of his Venus on the Ascendant.
Jupiter inhis 12th: it doesnot appear to be in a strong' Gauquelin position, onlymoderately strong, but a 12th House Jupiter must have helped him reach his audience nevertheless.  
The angular Saturn on the Midheaven implies that he was maybe hard on himself, and possibly on others.  
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