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Astro-Databank: Truman Capote (Read 275 times)
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Astro-Databank: Truman Capote
« on: 29.06.2007 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
Discussion about
Truman Capote, born 30 September 1924 at 3:00 PM in New Orleans LA
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re: Truman Capote
« Reply #1 - on: 29.06.2007 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Carol
Truman had such fun socializing and was the life of any party (strong 5/7 themes with Sun in Libra, Venus in Leo, Leo on the 7th, Sun SSQ Venus) and such imagination for it (Neptune conjunction Venus in Leo). And on top of it all he must have gained tremendous satisfaction and fulfillment from it (NN in Leo in the 7th).
Truman was also a critically acclaimed writer, and the innate tools for this shows up in his T-square involving the "writing planets," Jupiter and Mercury, along with innovative, cutting-edge Uranus, which are in the 10th house of career, 8th house of other people's support, and 2nd house of making one's own money respectively.
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Re: Astro-Databank: Truman Capote
« Reply #2 - on: 18.04.2009 at 06:51 [UT+1] »
I've done the sidereal chart, it makes more sense to me.
The most defining thing in his chart is the focus on relationships, considering that they were the fuel for his writing and his life, it is not surprising.
The ruler of the 1st and 7th are conjunct in the 9th, this conjunct in Libra speaks volumes about the nature of his relationships esp. with women, the emotional, social moon combined with the exalted Saturn, cold, cool, successful.
The MarsoppositionVenusNeptuneLunar Node, the nnode gave him more and more of the beautiful, ethereal, "beautiful monsters" type women he found so fascinating and placed on pedestals. This opposition is also addictive and it is no surprise that Mars is related to his 12th house of undoing by ruling Jupiter in the 10th(public undoing).
But that same addiction also gave him an abundant amount of material to use for his writing, Jupiter is involved in a t-square with MercuryUranus, it is also trine the VenusNeptuneLunar Node conjunct in the 7th. He also has 5 quintiles in his chart with the Virgo Sun in mutual reception with MercuryLeo, if anything the VirgoSun would be able to handle the quintiles and use them constructively, if we think of Q's as "precise talents". He was a great writer, made it seem so easy and without pretension, wish he had finished Answered Prayers.
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