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Astro-Databank: Regiomontanus (Read 279 times)
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Astro-Databank: Regiomontanus
« on: 11.11.2005 at 12:30 [UT] »
Discussion about
Regiomontanus, born 15 June 1436 Greg.Cal. at 4:40 PM in Unfinden
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re: Regiomontanus
« Reply #1 - on: 11.11.2005 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Stephen Poplin
Concerning Regiomontanus: Your DataBank states: German astrologer who studied mathematics and Ptolemy's Almagest in Latin, constructed an observatory at Nurnberg and founded a printing office. He published ephemerides for 1475-1506. Regiomontanus was noted as a reformer of the calendar, a humanist, a publisher of an ephemeris, tables for primary directions and astrological almanacs, a collector of astrological texts, author and translator of the fundamental principles of astrology. He died of pestilence, 7/06/1476, Rome.
Please note the date of death versus the dates he publised his ephemerids Hmmm
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Re: Astro-Databank: Regiomontanus
« Reply #2 - on: 14.10.2013 at 13:58 [UT+1] »
I post it here, it's awesome: The adjustable cosmos, enjoy  Smiley
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