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Astro-Databank: Eric Clapton (Read 198 times)
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Astro-Databank: Eric Clapton
« on: 15.10.2007 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
Discussion about
Eric Clapton, born 30 March 1945 at 8:45 PM in Ripley
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re: Eric Clapton
« Reply #1 - on: 15.10.2007 at 13:30 [UT+1] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Carol
Eric was on the Larry King Show a few nights ago promoting his book, "Clapton," and I must say he popped my bubble a bit regarding one of his best (and undoubtedly considered his most passionate) songs, i.e., "Layla." Apparently, for all the frantic yelling and screaming (albeit very artistic, of course) in the song and the real life story that "inspired" it (Eric's supposedly total obsession with best friend, Beatle George Harrison's wife), Eric told Larry OF COURSE that love triangle didn't adversely affect his friendship with George at all, since in those days women were really just INCIDENTAL to their music and shared camraderie of it!  
And what's even more interesting is that Eric's basically deceptive, "oh-so romantic, totally helpless passion" (which really turns out to be more for show and artistic fodder than anything else), is clearly and even blatantly shown in his chart (Mars in Pisces in the FIFTH in exact quincunx to Neptune in Libra in the 12th). Also, the fact that this situation was really always under control (as a useful, expansive life experience) to further his career is also seen (Mars in exact trine to Saturn in the 9th).  
But as questionably sincere (at best) as Eric reveals himself to be in this situation, for the sake of art it was all surely worth it 'cause not only did his masterpiece "Layla" come out of it, but his equally great and poignant "Wonderful Tonight" did too, and they'll last forever.  
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