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English Language Area
No New Posts Personal: Please read my chart
For those new to astrology who hope someone with experience to comment on their chart. No guarantee of an answer. Use the section Free Horoscopes first!

Sun in the last of 12 th...
Last Post Today at 00:58 [UT+1]
By Morten Tell
2324 17134
No New Posts Personal: Please read my chart (vedic/jyotish style)
For those who want their chart intepreted in vedic/jyotish style, and hope that someone with experience will comment on their chart. No guarantee of an answer.

Re: Compatibility needed....
Last Post Yesterday at 20:59 [UT+1]
By ShriSaiganeshEjyotish
487 3902
No New Posts Personal: In-depth chart discussion
Questions concerning specific personal constellations or topics in a chart. Please start a topic by writing down what you already know about the subject of your question.

Re: Any improvement comin...
Last Post Today at 01:10 [UT+1]
By Linda Harris
1373 28021
No New Posts Personal: Post your chart and tell your story
For those who want to share their chart and tell how they live their constellations. Each chart should start a thread of their own. Beginners, use the first board.

Re: My transits making me...
Last Post Today at 01:17 [UT+1]
By Muk Yan Jong
238 5748
No New Posts Personal and Discussion: Horary Astrology
For personal horary questions and discussions of horary's astrology techniques.

Re: meeting with the boss...
Last Post Today at 01:18 [UT+1]
By Phoebster
1925 13424
No New Posts Discussion: Psychological and General Astrology
For the discussion of all topics which belong to psychological and general western astrology. This area is not the place to talk about your own horoscope.

Re: Aries
Last Post Today at 00:52 [UT+1]
By sewit
8124 296897
No New Posts Discussion: Mundane and Political Astrology
Discussion of mundane (worldly) events, political events and political/politician's charts, in an astrological context. Keep the discussion focused on astrology. Political campaign postings and other postings bare of meaningful astrological content will be deleted.

Re: Greece leaving the EU...
Last Post Today at 01:15 [UT+1]
By wanderer
1993 88957
No New Posts Discussion: Other branches of astrology
Topics which deal with other kinds of astrology, e.g. Asteroids, Fixed stars, discussion about Vedic or Chinese astrology, or specialised techniques, such as the Hamburg School or Huber School. Chart reading requests do not belong here and will be deleted.

Re: Tell your Lilith Stor...
Last Post Yesterday at 23:55 [UT+1]
By Anita
1892 58133
No New Posts Astro-Databank discussion
Discussion about charts contained in the Astro-Databank wiki. Thread titles must contain only the name of the Astrodatabank entry. The opening post must contain a link to the ADB page and a copy of the chart in small format. Contributors to this board grant implicit permission to publish their text or data in Astro-Databank.
Moderator Group: Astrodienst Staff
Re: von einem bevan
Last Post Yesterday at 06:53 [UT+1]
By Gemmy
406 38792
No New Posts Feedback about this Forum or Astrodienst
For feedback about the services of Astrodienst and the website www.astro.com. Also, discussions and comments about the operation of this forum belong here.

Astro Maps
Last Post 03.07.2015 at 17:44 [UT+1]
By ChieBukuro
357 2197
Español - Spanish language area
No New Posts Personal: Por favor, lean mi carta
Para todos aquellos que se están iniciando en astrología y desearían que astrólogos avanzados o estudiantes de astrología comenten sus cartas. Por favor, tenga en cuenta de que no hay garantía de que alguien le responda. Use previamente la sección de Horoscopos Gratuitos!

Re: Lo principal de mi ca...
Last Post Today at 01:26 [UT+1]
By Eroge Sanador
182 1546
No New Posts Personal: Discusión en profundidad de una carta
Esta sección es para preguntas concernientes a constelaciones personales específicas o temas en una carta. Por favor, inicie cada tópico (hilo) explicando lo que usted ya sabe sobre el tema de su pregunta.

Re: Venus retrogrado
Last Post Today at 00:57 [UT+1]
By Azul Azul
108 6631
No New Posts Astrología general y psicológica
Aquí se incluye la discusión de todos los temas que pertenecen al area psicológica y astrología occidental general. Esta área es para discusiones generales, no para discusión de su carta personal.

Re: Dracónica, Helocéntri...
Last Post 23.06.2015 at 18:45 [UT+1]
By Julian Garcia Vara
1174 44424
No New Posts Astrología Horaria
Espacio para discusiones de Astrología Mundana (Eventos) y Eleccional (Posibilidades) en algunos asuntos

Re: Aparecerá el perro de...
Last Post Yesterday at 02:36 [UT+1]
By u140457065 - Ex Member
107 744
No New Posts Otras ramas de la astrología
Este board está reservado a los temas relacionados con otros tipos de astrología, p.ej. astrología védica o china, o con técnicas o aproximaciones especializadas, o sobre astrologia mundana, astrologia política y social (prefix Astro-MPS).

Last Post 21.06.2015 at 05:21 [UT+1]
By *Fortuna*
463 14502
No New Posts Área de sugerencias
Para retroalimentación, opiniones y sugerencias acerca de los servicios de Astrodienst y de la pagina web www.astro.com. Las discusiones y comentarios acerca del funcionamiento de este foro también pertenecen aquí.

Re: Consulta para ASTRO.C...
Last Post 09.06.2015 at 15:33 [UT+1]
By *Fortuna*
99 1412
Deutschsprachiger Bereich
No New Posts Diskussion persönlicher Horoskope
Für Fragen und Antworten zu persönlichen Horoskopen oder speziellen persönlichen Konstellationen im eigenen Horoskop. Das ist auch der richtige Ort für Anfängerfragen.

Soll ich umziehen?
Last Post Yesterday at 20:27 [UT+1]
By havhest
277 7139
No New Posts Allgemeine und psychologische Astrologie
In diesem Bereich können alle Themen diskutiert werden, die zur psychologischen und allgemein zur westlichen Astrologie gehören. Für persönliche Horoskope und Fragen dazu gibt es einen separaten Bereich.

Re: Der Mond und die Astr...
Last Post Yesterday at 22:57 [UT+1]
By Alain Stalder
1851 106874
No New Posts Andere Richtungen der Astrologie
Dieser Bereich ist für Themen bestimmt, die sich mit anderen Arten der Astrologie beschäftigen, z.B. Vedische oder Chinesische Astrologie, oder mit spezialisierten Richtungen wie die Stundenastrologie, Hamburger Schule oder Münchner Rhythmenlehre.

Moved: Soll ich umziehen?...
Last Post Yesterday at 20:27 [UT+1]
By Juri Viktor Stork
1552 48815
No New Posts Feedback zu Astrodienst und zum Forum
Für Feedback zu den Produkten und Dienstleistungen von Astrodienst und zur Website www.astro.com. Auch Kommentare zum Betrieb dieses Forums sind hier am richtigen Ort.

Last Post Yesterday at 09:22 [UT+1]
By Sabeth
90 1671
No New Posts Geburtstage und ähnliches
Dieses Board ist für Geburtstagsgratulationen, Organisation von Forumstreffen etc.

Re: Wer möchte in die Geb...
Last Post 21.06.2015 at 19:47 [UT+1]
By nicole@astro
101 5850
Français - French language area
No New Posts Discussion sur les thèmes personnels
Questions et réponses concernant les thèmes personnels et les constellations astrologiques personnelles dans le thème. C'est également un bon endroit pour les questions des débutants.

Re: Astrologie Sidérale
Last Post Yesterday at 21:52 [UT+1]
By Reggae
144 2369
No New Posts Astrologie horaire
Discussion et interprétation des cartes horaires. Egalement, astrologie mondiale et d'election.

Re: Hépatite B
Last Post 01.07.2015 at 09:57 [UT+1]
By _Paul_
70 509
No New Posts Astrologie psychologique et générale
C'est une partie pour la discussion de toutes les matières qui appartiennent au domaine de l'astrologie occidentale psychologique et générale. Cette partie est pour des discussions générales, pas pour vos thèmes personnels.

Re: L'origine de la vie s...
Last Post 06.07.2015 at 13:51 [UT+1]
By quasar 3C 273
999 20375
No New Posts Autres branches de l'astrologie
Cette section est réservée pour les sujets qui traitent d'autres sortes d'astrologie, par exemple l’astrologie védique ou chinoise, ou avec des approches et des techniques astrologiques spécialisées. Cette section est aussi pour l'astrologie de la politique et d'actualité mondiale.

Re: Réorientation profess...
Last Post 05.06.2015 at 00:46 [UT+1]
By Josée D.
286 5205
No New Posts Section de réaction
Pour la réaction à propos des services d'Astrodienst et du site Web www.astro.com. En outre, les discussions et les commentaires au sujet du fonctionnement de ce forum se font ici.

Astrologie horaire
Last Post 22.06.2015 at 13:08 [UT+1]
By marjo
43 352
Greek area - Ελληνικο φορουμ
No New Posts Συζητηση προσωπικου χαρτη
Discussion of personal charts - Για αρχαριους που επιθυμουν να ερμηνευτει ο χαρτης τους απο μελη που διαθετουν ηδη γνωσεις. Ερωτησεις για διαφορες οψεις η θεματα στον προσωπικο χαρτη. Να γραφετε αρχικα τι γνωριζετε ηδη για τις οψεις αυτες.

Re: Προβλεψεις για την υγ...
Last Post Today at 01:15 [UT+1]
By Plut0nian
87 1076
No New Posts Ωριαια Αστρολογια
Discussion of Horary Astrology - Ερωτησεις Ωριαιας και τεχνικες στην Ωριαια Αστρολογια

Re: Θα βγεί η Ελλάδα??
Last Post Today at 01:11 [UT+1]
By tequilla
189 2366
No New Posts Γενικη και Ψυχολογικη Αστρολογια
general and psychological Astrology - Συζητησεις για ολα τα θεματα που αφορουν τη Γενικη, Ψυχολογικη και Δυτικη Αστρολογια. Σε αυτο το τμημα δεν γινεται συζητηση για προσωπικους χαρτες.

Re: Δημοψήφισμα
Last Post Today at 01:07 [UT+1]
By tequilla
1278 31911
No New Posts Αλλοι τομεις της Αστρολογιας
other areas of Astrology - Σε αυτο το τμημα συζητιουνται διαφορα ειδη Αστρολογιας, π.χ. Βεδικη, Κινεζικη, οπως επισης αστεροειδεις, απλανεις αστερες η εξειδικευμενες τεχνικες και Σχολες οπως αυτη του Αμβουργου η Huber

Re: Ο χάρτης του Τσίπρα
Last Post Today at 00:58 [UT+1]
By marianna
627 11423
No New Posts Feedback γι' αυτο το φορουμ η για το Astrodienst
feedback about this forum or Astrodienst - Σε αυτο το τμημα θετονται ερωτηματα και σχολια για τις παροχες του astrodienst, για τον ιστοτοπο www.astro.com και για το ελληνικο forum

Re: Ψηφίζω Νέα Ευρώπη, Ψη...
Last Post 04.07.2015 at 22:40 [UT+1]
By *nat_
27 266
Italiano - Italian language area
No New Posts Discussioni su Carte astrali personali
Domande e risposte relative a carte astrali personali e alla struttura planetaria nel tema. Questo è anche uno spazio per i principianti.

Re: Perplesso
Last Post Yesterday at 23:04 [UT+1]
By Massimo Scapolan
208 1555
No New Posts Astrologia Psicologica e Generale.
Questo è uno spazio per la discussione di tutti i temi che appartengono all'area dell'Astrologia psicologica occidentale e generale. Questa è un'area per discussioni su temi generali non per i le carte astrali personali.

Re: punto fortuna
Last Post 06.07.2015 at 18:14 [UT+1]
By Paola Tess
1134 22570
No New Posts Altri rami dell'Astrologia
Questo spazio è riservato per temi che riguardano altri tipi di Astrologia come per es. l'Astrologia vedica o cinese o relativi a approcci astrologici specializzati come la scuola Hamburghese o la scuola Huber.

Re: I due si sono incontr...
Last Post Yesterday at 22:33 [UT+1]
By California
911 10784
No New Posts Area per il Feedback
Area per commenti e osservazioni sui servizi di Astrodienst ed sul sito www.astro.com

carta persona and oroscop...
Last Post 26.06.2015 at 23:50 [UT+1]
By acquafresh95
46 274
Nederlands area - reopened
No New Posts Discussie over de Persoonlijke Horoscoop
Vragen en antwoorden over de persoonlijke horoscoop en persoonlijke aspecten en planeetstanden kan je hier posten. Dit is ook de juiste plaats voor vragen van beginners. Gelieve voor elke horoscoop een nieuw onderwerp te beginnen.

Re: avonturier reislustig...
Last Post 06.07.2015 at 15:55 [UT+1]
By carina123
54 849
No New Posts Psychologische en algemene Astrologie
Dit gedeelte dient voor discussie van alle onderwerpen van de psychologische en Westerse astrologie. Het is bedoeld voor algemene discussie, niet om de persoonlijke horoscoop te bespreken.

Re: UVW erkend 'alternati...
Last Post 27.06.2015 at 18:24 [UT+1]
By Stella58
457 11423
No New Posts Andere takken van Astrologie
Dit deel is gereserveerd voor andere richtingen van astrologie, bijvoorbeeld Asteroïden, Vedische en Chinese astrologie, of speciale benaderingen of technieken zoals Hamburg School of Huber School.

Re: "M'n vrouw verlaat me...
Last Post 27.06.2015 at 15:30 [UT+1]
By Sampar
251 3089
No New Posts Feedback over dit forum of over Astrodienst
Hier kan je terecht voor reacties en suggesties over de diensten van Astrodienst en de website www.astro.com. Ook vragen en commentaar over dit forum kan je hier plaatsen.

Re: Lezing Karen Hamaker:...
Last Post 14.06.2015 at 21:23 [UT+1]
By Desiree
17 105
Português - language Portuguese
No New Posts Discussão sobre Mapa Pessoal
Questões e respostas acerca de mapas pessoais e de constelações pessoais no cômputo da mandala astrológica. Este quadro é indicado para questões / curiosidades ou para pessoas que agora se iniciam em astrologia. Por favor iniciem um novo tópico para cada carta / mapa astral.

Retificação horária
Last Post 06.07.2015 at 03:29 [UT+1]
By Elizabeth Parente
84 360
No New Posts Astrologia geral e Psicológica
Este é um quadro indicado à discussão de todos os tópicos que se relacionam com a astrologia ocidental de cariz psicológico. Esta área é para discussões gerais e não para discutir ou falar do seu mapa astral.

Re: Progressão solar
Last Post 03.07.2015 at 15:46 [UT+1]
By Matt_09
391 11293
No New Posts Astrologia Horária
Espaço para perguntas e discussões sobre Astrologia Mundana. Tecnicas e Filosofia.

Retrogrado e aversao
Last Post 21.06.2015 at 00:04 [UT+1]
By Michelly k
10 48
No New Posts Outras Áreas da Astrologia
Este quadro é reservado para tópicos que se referem a diversas questões na astrologia como: asteróides, constelações fixas, astrologia védica e chinesa, ou para a análise de técnicas e abordagens específicas como as escolas de Hamburgo ou de Huber.

Re: Lua Cheia de Capricór...
Last Post 04.07.2015 at 04:52 [UT+1]
By Sonia Beth
173 4960
No New Posts Feedback acerca do fórum ou do Astrodienst
Quadro indicado para o feedback acerca do fórum ou do Astrodienst website www.astro.com. Também deverão aqui decorrer discussões e comentários acerca da operações e funcionalidade deste forum.

Re: Introdução de local...
Last Post 26.04.2015 at 20:31 [UT+1]
By AleShanadoo
16 132
Other languages
No New Posts 1. Diskusije: Psiholoska i opsta astrologija
Ovo je mesto za diskusije o svim temama koje pripadaju pshiholoskoj i generalnoj astrologiji, a mesto za pojedinacne karte i aspekte u njima.
(This board is for discussion in the languages of ex-Yugoslavia)

Re: Carlos Castaneda
Last Post 27.04.2015 at 23:22 [UT+1]
By Moby Dick
296 7546
No New Posts 2.Licna astrologija: Postavi kartu i ispricaj svoju pricu
Ovo je prostor gde mozemo postaviti svoje karte i diskutovati o njima, njihovim aspektima i traziti pomoc, kao i savet za nase probleme.
(This board is for chart readings in the languages of ex-Yugoslavia)

Re: Brak, ili ipak ne?
Last Post Yesterday at 17:51 [UT+1]
By Teodora
576 4797
No New Posts Dansk / Norsk - alle emner

Re: Nybörjare
Last Post 01.05.2015 at 19:29 [UT+1]
By somethoughts
30 224
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